CoFertility Dubs Beli One of “The Best Fertility Supplements Out There”

CoFertility is on a mission, as they put it, to make infertility suck less, and their recent round-up of the best fertility supplements out there is a thoughtful, comprehensive look at your options. In addition to a quick overview of the role fertility supplements can play, including some frequently asked questions, they list the top four fertility supplements—and Beli for Women nabs their top recommendation.

From the Article

"Beli is one of the best fertility supplements out there. Launching with a men’s fertility supplement first (who knew those existed!? now you do!), Beli first entered the game to improve sperm health. Now, after a ton of research and development, they’ve launched a product that addresses the female piece of the baby-making puzzle. 

All of Beli’s ingredients are sourced individually to ensure they’re the highest quality, vegan, and super clean. As an added bonus, they’ve also worked hard to ensure that the capsules aren’t gigantic. We’re not sure how they’ve worked this magic, but, hey, we’ll take it.

Beli is one of the only prenatal vitamins out there that hits the APA (American Pregnancy Association)’s and American Medical Association’s marks for choline, folate and vitamin D, all super important when it comes to getting pregnant and maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Beli claims that its product contains higher levels of these vitamins than any other prenatal on the market, which we’re pretty pumped about. 

Choline, especially, is *hugely* important for your future baby’s neural tube development, your placenta, and your maternal organ growth. A 2004 study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology showed that low maternal dietary choline intake (<290 mg/day) approximately doubled the risk for having a baby with a neural tube defect. And other research indicates that higher choline intake during pregnancy is associated with modestly better child visual memory and attention span, even at age 7.”

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