Science Says These 50 Baby Names are the Most Beautiful

Arguably one of the best parts of having a baby is choosing a name, which often involves multiple books, endless lists, and a ton of back and forth. If you like the idea of leaning into science, a recent study shared in the Daily Mail used phonetics and emotion to come up with what it calls the 50 most beautiful-sounding baby names for parents in the United States and the United Kingdom. Read on for the highlights!

From the Article

"The study, conducted by the University of Birmingham, used phonetics, which studies the sounds, patterns and structures of the human language and scored the names on how much emotion they evoked when saying allowed.

It found that the name Sophia topped the list of girls' names in the US and the UK - while Matthew and Zayn topped the list for boys in the respective countries. 

Winter also found that names beginning with the letter 'E' were shown to more pleasing to the ears -  Ellie, Emily, Evelyn, Eva and Elena ranking in spots nine to thirteen.

And vegetation-inspired names also made the cut:  Ivy, Lily, and Violet all placing in the top 25

Matthew, number one, means 'gift of God' and Winter said has many positive connotations associated with it when spoken aloud. 

Julian, William, Isaiah and Leo completed the top five most beautiful sounding boys' names in the US."

Check out the list in full right this way.

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