Pregnancy is a Numbers Game. Here's How to Increase the Odds.

Pregnancy is truly a numbers game. By maximizing sperm health with these tips and a top-notch male prenatal vitamin, you can ensure you're playing with a strong team to increase your odds.

11.  Boost your immunity and overall wellness.

Beli uniquely works to nourish your internal systems to keep you body working at its optimum levels.

10.  Increase your chances of getting pregnant. 

Making babies is super fun, but struggling to conceive can be a drag. Studies show that proper nutrition is directly linked to the success of your sperm.

9.  Better sex. 

The nutrients that support sperm production also balance testosterone levels, which ignites your sex drive and performance. That’s hot.

8.  Healthy sperm now, Tom Brady later? 

We’re only kind of joking. There’s a lot of evidence that investing in proper prenatal nutrition, including a bio-available form of folate, will help your body make sperm with healthy DNA. Male prenatal nutrition is all about passing on the strongest legacy possible.  

7.  Sperm quality is a key health indicator. 

Poor sperm quality is associated with other risk factors that can impair your quality of life. When you attend to your reproductive health, it’s more likely that you’ll enjoy a long and healthy life with your loved ones.

6.  Play to win. 

Pregnancy is all about increasing your odds of conception. You need to maximize your sperm count, and a top-notch male prenatal vitamin will help ensure you’re playing with a strong team.

5.  Tick tock!  

It turns out that men also have biological clocks. Aging is associated with declining sperm quality. But it’s not all bad news! With the right nutrition, you can improve your reproductive health at any age. 

4.  Train strong swimmers. 

This high-quality male prenatal contains the precise mix of nutrients you need to increase your sperm motility—their swimming power—and the strength of their ultimate fusion with the egg.

3.  Lasting, long-term energy.

Research shows that most dads experience a decline in testosterone during pregnancy and birth. This can have a negative impact on your mood and energy levels, but you can plan for your transition to parenthood by fueling your body in support of testosterone production. The pay-off is more energy to play with your mini-me.

2.  Feel powerful. 

Our understanding of nutrition has expanded, and we’re now able to harness the power of adaptogens to balance your energyShilajit is an ancient medicine long associated with virility—and we have the science to prove that it works.

1. Happy wife, happy life.

Taking your men’s prenatal vitamin is a tangible way for you to show up for your partner and demonstrate your commitment to building the foundations for a strong family, together.