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A Review of Beli for Moms and Dads-to-Be

Fin vs Fin just reviewed Beli for Women and Beli for Men and spoiler - they're saying good things! Check out the review in full and read on for highlights.

From the Post

"It’s no secret that women take prenatal vitamins during their pregnancy to fill nutritional gaps and keep nutrient stores topped up. After all, it’s tough work growing an entire person! What’s less understood is that optimal nutrition should ideally begin before you hope to conceive, in that oh-so-important window about three to six months before conception. And here’s something very few people know—optimal nutrition in that timeframe—and throughout a partner’s entire pregnancy—is just as important for hopeful dads-to-be.

For men, it all comes down to improving fertility. In addition to regular exercise, a good diet, and nixing bad habits (smoking and drinking, we’re looking at you), a men’s prenatal vitamin can create higher quality sperm with fewer DNA abnormalities. (Side note: if you’re curious how healthy your or your partner’s sperm are, check out a male fertility test kit.)

The science is solid, but this is still a relatively new concept for many of us. Not so for Beli, the prenatal company behind Beli Vitality for Men and Beli for Women. We took a deep dive into the company’s approach to prenatal vitamins for both parents to be, the science behind their formulations, and how they stack up to other brands in the market."

The review introduces Beli, clarifies the role of prenatal vitamins for men and women, takes a deep dive of Beli for Men and Beli for Women (including ingredient graphs!) and includes a comparison to other brands on the market. There are also physician and customer reviews. It's worth the read!

Additional Resources

Choline is an overlooked essential nutrient in many prenatal vitamin formulas, and it's a major oversight. Here at Beli, we've been sounding the alarm for years and it's gratifying to see that the market is beginning to catch up. That's thanks in part to articles like "The 7 Best Choline Supplements for Pregnancy, According to a Prenatal Dietitian" from Parents. Spoiler: Beli for Women made the list.

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