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From TTC “Naturally” to IVF to Beli and Baby—An update with Fab Fertility’s Blair Nelson

In April of 2020, we featured an interview with Blair Nelson, the founder of Fab Fertility. She shared her experience of moving from trying to conceive “naturally” in the fall of 2017 straight into IVF after eight months, as well as everything that followed. Now, we’re sharing an update on this new mama (!), and the many twists and turns she navigated along the way.

“A Happy Place”

When we spoke with Blair over a year ago, both she and her husband were still very much in the thick of things. “It seems like the beginning of our TTC journey was years and years ago,” she laughs. “Honestly, going through infertility ages you, I swear!”

These days, so much has changed. “My fertility journey now is in a happy place,” Blair says simply. “Many of us in this community describe infertility as a rollercoaster and I have been on an epic one. Right now I’m on the highest of highs, which was only achieved through riding the lows and hanging upside down more times than I can count. I still can’t believe our rainbow baby is here.”

It’s given her a perspective that’s particularly valuable to anyone navigating the fertility journey. “What stands out most is how, after feeling so incredibly hopeless and like I was never going to bring a baby into this world, it happened! I attribute it to perseverance, the strength of my marriage, our ability to undergo treatment and the incredible science available to us in the ART world.”

But that’s not all.

“The other thing that stands out is realizing IVF is a privilege,” she says. “I know so many women and men who can’t explore IVF because of the mere cost. I’m committed as an entrepreneur in the infertility space and fellow infertility warrior to fight for affordable care and coverage so everyone has a chance.”

Enter Beli

When you’re trying to have a baby, you look for advantages anywhere you can—and fertility vitamins are one of them. Blair found Beli on Instagram, the platform she was using to document their IVF journey. “And I’m so glad I did!”

So what role did Beli play for Blair and her husband? “Beli simplified my journey,” she says. “My husband traded in his fistful of supplements for Beli, which took a ton of stress off him. He took Beli for our last two rounds of IVF, our fifth of which is what led to the conception and birth of our daughter.”

As for Blair, she says she started taking Beli for Women during her pregnancy the moment we launched the product. “I love that it’s a one-stop shop and also enjoy the minty flavor,” she says. “I hate those chalky pills!”

A New Balance

As an infertility-warrior-turned-mama, Blair’s found herself in a tricky spot these days. “It has been one of the hardest adjustments,”she acknowledges. “It’s like moving across the country from your lifelong friends. The infertility community is my family and my support system above anyone else in my life because they get what I went through. However, I’m now a trigger to a lot of people. It’s a chalky pill to swallow (not a minty Beli one!). I decided to start @fab.motherhood so I could feel guilt-free about continuing to share my journey in real time and keep the focus of @fabfertility on infertility support. I worked hard to earn the trust and support of the community and I don’t want to lose it! I’ve been there and I know how bad it sucks to feel like people are passing you by, while being happy for them at the same time.”

And as someone who’s been there, Blair’s advice is particularly insightful. “Let go of timing expectations,” she says. “Celebrate the small victories—your anxiety will be waiting for you when you get back.” She also suggests couples’ therapy if you’re trying to conceive with a partner, and recommends finding online groups for support and encouragement.

Here at Beli, we couldn’t be more excited for Blair on her amazing new family. Enjoy that baby, Blair, and congratulations to you!

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