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Mother Magazine Reviews Beli Prenatals

Honored for the opportunity to sit down with Mother Magazine and talk all things, babies, miscarriages and of course prenatal health! Big thanks to everyone at Mother Magazine for supporting us on our mission to educate on the importance of men and women taking an active role in improving their fertility health.

Check out the piece in full, "It Takes Two - How Women and Men Can Boost Their Fertility," or read on for highlights.

From the Article

"While fertility is most often seen as a women’s issue—the truth has always been that it takes two to make a baby and a focus on men’s fertility is sorely overdue. Mother of three Joni Hanson Davis is trying to tackle this issue head-on by creating one of the first prenatals for men—Beli Vitality for Men—alongside the conception-to-postpartum prenatal Beli For Women. Below, Joni tells us about the importance of prenatals for men and women, including breaking down the key ingredients in Beli’s nutrient-packed pills. Plus, other tips on how both men and women can boost their fertility.

Beli started with male prenatals—why?

In 2019, I was in the process of creating a new line of clean, bioavailable, science-aligned vitamins optimized for all stages of pregnancy. It had become clear to me during my own pregnancies that prenatal vitamin innovation hadn’t kept pace with nutritional science, particularly when it came to fertility, reproductive health, and pregnancy health. And that’s when I started thinking about what might benefit men in the same process.”

Sperm health plays a huge role in everything from conception to the health of future generations, and men experience fertility issues just as women do. For so long, the idea of infertility has been really focused on women, and it’s long past time for that to change. A study from 2012 found that just one in four men had optimal sperm quality. Interestingly, nutrient shortages are one of the most common reasons behind sperm deficiencies, which is why a high-quality prenatal vitamin for men really makes sense."

Joni shares key nutrients for men's fertility, what sets Beli apart from the rest of the prenatal pack, the most underestimated nutrients for women, why Beli's mission is personal, and more. Make the jump and get the scoop!

Additional Resources

Choline is an overlooked essential nutrient in many prenatal vitamin formulas, and it's a major oversight. Here at Beli, we've been sounding the alarm for years and it's gratifying to see that the market is beginning to catch up. That's thanks in part to articles like "The 7 Best Choline Supplements for Pregnancy, According to a Prenatal Dietitian" from Parents. Spoiler: Beli for Women made the list.

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