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SHEfinds: The Prenatal Vitamin Doctors Swear By To Ensure A Healthy Pregnancy

SheFinds, a site committed to supporting women in all stages of their lives, recently reviewed Beli in a piece entitled "The Prenatal Vitamin Doctors Swear By To Ensure A Healthy Pregnancy." Spoiler —  they hit the highlights of Beli for Men and Women well! Check out some key takeaways from the article below.

From the Article

"Wherever you look, there is a vitamin or supplement out there being recommended for almost every nutritional aspect of your life. Oftentimes, it’s difficult to determine what types of nutrients and minerals you should be selecting in your daily vitamins and this can prove to be even more of a challenge when pregnancy and fertility are involved. But don’t worry, we’ve found a wellness brand that takes the guess work out of selecting prenatal vitamins with an upfront approach and a scientific formula proven to help you stay healthy from before conception and beyond.

Beli is the first prenatal vitamin system designed to help women, men and your bundle of joy reach their full potential from day one. Whether you are thinking of pregnancy or already pregnant, these vitamins will nourish your body and help boost health, energy and comfort through each trimester."

The article takes a trimester-by-trimester approach to the benefits of Beli for Women, plus how it helps women during the preconception stage and postpartum. And they didn't overlook the guys, either!

"Do men need to take prenatal vitamins as well as women? The answer is yes, and here’s why. Beli Men is formulated with specific ingredients to help increase the concentration of sperm, protect sperm growth, improve sperm quality and help sperm swim faster. It helps give a boost to sperm’s pregnancy potential with a one-of-a-kind formula.

One of these important ingredients is Shilajit, which is clinically proven to increase sperm count and quality and Beli Men is the first to include this all-natural adaptogen as a key component. You’ll also find CoQ10 which increases sperm motility and protects sperm from free radical damage, as well as Vitamin C that helps to prevent sperm defects and helps sperm swim faster."

Check out the article in full right here.

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