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We're Calling It—Beli Predicts Top Trends in Family Planning for 2023

Thinking of expanding the bunch in 2023? Check out some trending topics we predict will stay relevant in family planning this year. 

Fertility Tracking Methods

It’s safe to say that fertility tracking will never be a one-size-fits-all process for women. In fact, did you know that the American Pregnancy Association believes it is possible to ovulate anywhere between day 11 and 21 of your cycle? That’s far from a wee window! While period tracking apps are still kicking after last year's privacy controversy, some doctors recommend using ovulation predictors, and fertility monitors can take it a step further in helping pinpoint the best time to get busy. Check out The 9 Best Fertility Monitors of 2023 released recently by

More Men Taking a Prenatal Vitamin

It’s no surprise this is a trend we stand fiercely behind! If you aren't yet in the loop, combining a men’s prenatal vitamin with a healthy lifestyle during the baby-making phase can boost the development of healthy sperm. Check out the Best Men’s Prenatal Vitamins on Babylist where you can read about ideal ingredients along with recommended supplements (including, ahem, our own!). Note that spermatogenosis, or the production of sperm, takes 74 days on average, so starting a prenatal three months before actively trying to get pregnant is ideal.

Holistic Self-Care in Pregnancy

Pregnant or not, routine self care will benefit the mind, body, and soul, and if you do have a baby on board, this is a kind reminder that any ease you give yourself is felt in the womb. Research continues to show that holistic methods like prenatal yoga, meditation, and acupuncture can reduce stress and anxiety, and indulging in the occasional herbal tea may assist with morning sickness and insomnia. As always, it is important to check with your OB-GYN or midwife before seeking any type of activity or treatment. Check out an app like the Expectful: Wellness for Moms and Cosmopolitan India’s recent article on Prenatal Yoga: Expert tips for to-be and new mothers. 

4th Trimester Support

Sadly, it’s not news that most mamas have struggled to access proper postnatal care. In fact, last year the CDC released a report from a three year study that concluded 53% of pregnancy-related deaths occurred 7-365 days after childbirth. While we have leaps and bounds to go as it relates to support in the postpartum phase, online resources that promote self education and community continue to grow. is a website that hones in on a variety of 4th Trimester tools, and virtual support circles can be found on a site like Fourth Trimester Support Circle. 

Mocktails Making Waves

Flavorful concoctions are a permanent thing, right? That seems to be the case according to popular publications like Bon Appétit. Thankfully for expectant mothers, mocktail inspiration is reoccuring, and with the increasing amount of dry-month sprees, numerous blogs and influencers continue to hop on board the trend. So if you need a break from assembling nursery furniture and reading those what-to-expect parenting books, kick up your feet up for the night and treat yourself to a baby-brewing-friendly beverage!

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