Cheese Boards & Pregnancy: What's Safe to Eat?

Who doesn't love a good charcuterie board? And before you assume these delicious hors d'oeuvres are automatically off the table once you see those two pink lines, we have good news. Diversity is the secret to a good charcuterie board, which means you have options. Just skip the cured meats and opt for a cheese board! The Gourmet Shop has a killer list of pregnancy-safe cheeses and accompaniments that will absolutely hit the spot.

The Key is Pasteurization

During pregnancy, it's important to avoid foods with a high potential for listeria, which includes raw or unpasteurized cheeses and meats. Make sure to opt for cheeses that are labeled as pasteurized, and be mindful about the potential for secondary contamination. You should only be buying cheeses from reputable stores.

The Gourmet Shop's cheesemonger has a list of aged, semi-soft, soft-ripened, goat, and blue cheeses that sound divine. She advises forgoing the charcuterie per the CDC, which means no cured meats. But the workaround is brilliant — load up on the accompaniments!

She recommends a mix of fresh and dried fruits, along with cucumber slices, grape tomatoes, radishes, and olives for palate cleansing and visual appeal. And don't forget the nuts and spreads. Jams, honey, and mustard pair beautifully with the cheeses, fruits, and veggies on this list, particularly with crisp crackers.

Read the post in full for specific cheese recommendations. 

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