Shilajit: Beli’s Secret ‘S’ Factor That Boosts Men’s Sperm and Overall Health

Beli’s proprietary Vitality Blend is the first to include the all-natural Shilajit as a key ingredient to improve sperm quality and overall fertility potential of men. Clinical investigations have confirmed Shilajit’s effectiveness in improving sperm count and overall sperm quality.

Shilajit through the Centuries

Shilajit means conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness. It is a known adaptogen and has been used for centuries as a potent and very safe way to restore energetic balance and enhance vitality. It has been traditionally used for conditions ranging from cognitive benefits to male fertility and energy.

Shilajit has a very long history, with recorded use dating back more than 2,500 years. Preparation of the material for human consumption was reputedly devised by Aristotle and some of the first use of the substance was in Ancient Greece.

In the mid-20th century, Shilajit research really accelerated and use among elite athletes and special armed forces in the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc nations became widespread. This was all because of its beneficial effects on endurance, muscle strength, and recovery. Shilajit has been used historically by Russian Olympic athletes, cosmonauts, national athletes and the elite military forces.

Much of the research done at this time was conducted by Dr. Nikolai Volkov, professor of biochemistry at the Moscow Institute of Physical Education, and one of the respected members of the Ascential Advisory Committee. The results of Dr. Volkov’s studies led to Shilajit being designated as a “strategic material” and a closely guarded state secret in the former USSR. Shilajit played a major role in the Soviet and Eastern Bloc’s dominance in the Olympics during the Cold War era. That kind of gives you an idea of what exceptional value there truly is in this very unique compound!

The more we've learned about Shilajit, the more we've come to love this naturally occurring wonder. There's no denying that there are dozens (if not hundreds) of dietary supplement ingredients that have been shown to support male health. So what makes Shilajit any different?  Let's take a closer look at one of the most regularly cited (not to mention significant) modern studies concerning the potential benefits of Shilajit.

The Study: "Clinical Evaluation of Spermatogenic Activity of Processed Shilajit in Oligospermia"

As formal and complicated as the name of this study may sound, it's really just the scientific (and concise) way of saying: "A Formal Evaluation of How Shilajit Does (or Does Not) Affect the Sperm Counts of Men With Infertility (Due to Low Sperm Counts and Other Factors)." For this study, 60 male volunteers were given 100 mg of Shilajit twice a day for a 90-day period.

At the start of this trial, a number of metrics were recorded for each participant. The list of metrics included total semenogram and serum testosterone, luteinising hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone, Malondialdehyde (a marker for oxidative stress), and content of semen among other factors.

It's also worth noting that at the start of the trial all 60 of the male participants were observed to have had sperm counts of 20 million or less (which technically qualifies them as "oligospermatic," or infertile).

The Results

Of the 28 participants who completed the trial, some significant (P < 0.0001) improvements (relative to the established baselines) were observed.

Among other things, researchers noted that:

  • Total sperm count increased (+61.4%)
  • Motility (ability to move) increased (+12.4-17.4% at different intervals)
  • Normal sperm count increased (+18.9%)
  • Serum testosterone increased (+23.5%; P < 0.001)
  • Follicle-stimulating hormone increased (FSH; P < 0.05)
  • Improved reproductive health improving sperm quantity and quality
Other benefits of Shilajit include:
  • Increased energy and endurance
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Natural brain boost for improved concentration and brain health
  • Good for heart health
  • Great anti-aging properties for skin
  • Boosted immune system
  • Alleviated altitude sickness

Getting pregnant is largely about increasing your odds, so taking Beli’s proprietary vitality blend with Shilajit will give a boost to his sperm’s pregnancy potential. Remember, his overall health prior to conception could have a profound impact on his fertility, her fertility and the long-term health of the baby.