Shilajit, Too Legit to Quit

Shilajit, have you heard of it?  It may be a mouthful to say, but this supplement has been an important part of ayurvedic medicine for generations, boasting numerous anti aging health benefits.  What is Shilajit exactly, you may be wondering.  Well, it’s a naturally occuring blackish brown rock substance formed by the gradual decomposition of humus and plant remains. It is most commonly found mainly in Himalayas mountain ranges between India and Nepal, but variations have also been also found in Tibet, Russia, Afghanistan, and in the Chilean Andes.  Known for improving stamina and healthy longevity, Shilajit is consumed daily in parts of Nepal and Northern India, and clinical studies also indicate Andean Shilajit has been effective in treating cognitive disorders.

So why are you reading about shilajit here- in regards to male fertility vitamins?  Well...turns out shilajit is helpful for a man’s sexual health, boosts testosterone, and can increase sperm count.  One research study tested 60 men dealing from infertility who were given shilajit twice daily for a 90-day period. At the end of 90-days, sperm counts of participants were improved by 60% and sperm activity had increased by 12%.  Shilajit contains powerful antioxidants that promote blood flow to a man’s genitals. It’s also been shown to relieve anxiety and stress, which leads to sexual arousal, enhancing virility. As if that weren’t enough, men who’ve taken shilajit report increased levels of energy and general wellbeing.   So...are you taking your vitamins?


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