Top 5 Nutrients for Optimal Egg Quality

When you’re trying to get your body ready to conceive a healthy pregnancy, nutrition matters. Nourishing female fertility begins with egg quality. 

Old-school thinking about female fertility held that egg quality degrades with age, and that no interventions that could make a difference for egg quality. Luckily, thanks to new science that thinking has evolved. 

Recent studies have shown that optimal nutrition can improve egg quality. Fueling for fertility with nutrients that support egg quality can help raise your chances of getting pregnant faster and delivering a healthy baby.

Beli for Women is formulated with high-quality, bioavailable nutrients to support every step of your journey from fertility to family. 

Nutrients To Nourish Egg Health

Vitamins B6 and B12 help promote normal ovulation

B6 and B12 work together to regulate healthy hormone balance and trigger regular ovulation, which can boost your chances of conceiving. The right amount of B6 helps promote balanced levels of estrogen and progesterone which are crucial for the cell signaling that happens during egg maturation and ovulation. B12 is necessary for cell division and building healthy blood. Supplementing with evidence-based levels of these important vitamins improves outcomes for IVF, too. Beli for Women includes the most bioavailable forms of these nutrients so your body can start using them right away.

Folate protects against chromosomal abnormalities 

Many cases of infertility, miscarriage, and failed IVF cycles share a common cause: chromosomal abnormalities in the egg that occur during maturation. Supplementing with a high-quality, bioavailable form of methylated folate (the kind we use in Beli!) has been shown to substantially lower the risk of chromosomal abnormalities. Plus, adequate folate levels can help improve your chances of conception, which means you get to meet you little one sooner.

Vitamin E can help protect maturing eggs

Vitamin E is famous for its role in cellular repair, which is why it often shows up in skincare products. In your ovaries, E is a powerhouse antioxidant that can help fight oxidative damage to eggs, preventing the most negative effects of premature aging.

Vitamin K2 can help balance progesterone and estrogen

Vitamin K2 (not to be mistaken for just K) has an important relationship with women’s hormonal health, and aids in estrogen and progesterone metabolism. In a 2016 study, women with PCOS who took K2 supplements had lower levels of DHEA and free testosterone, which clears the way for hormonal healing. Vitamin K2 is also vital for bone health for women—and their babies.

Start Now to Support Healthy Eggs 

Every baby begins as an egg which started to mature more than three months before ovulation. This preconception window is a crucial time to make sure your eggs are well-nourished. 

Start taking Beli at least 6 months before conception so your nutrient levels are ready for the adventure ahead: fertility, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and postpartum recovery.