The Right Men's Prenatal Can Help Improve Low Sperm Count

Ready to try for a baby, but concerned about low sperm count? You’re not alone. 

Low sperm count diagnoses have increased over the last few decades. That’s bad news for baby making, since your chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy go down with fewer sperm in play.

Experts are still debating the reasons for the increasing prevalence of low sperm counts. It’s likely there is no single cause, and that environmental factors like exposure to chemicals can combine with lifestyle factors like poor diet and exercise to wreak havoc on male fertility.

Luckily, our lifestyle choices are within our control. Proper nutrition is key for men who want to raise their sperm counts so they can raise healthy babies. 

Help Improve Low Sperm Count with Key Nutrients

Fueling with a colorful whole-foods diet is a great place to start, but it’s tough to get enough of the nutrients research suggests can increase male fertility. 

The science is clear: to raise your sperm count, you need nutritional support for fertility at every stage. This begins with fueling for the creation of the most new sperm possible, and continues as you protect those sperm so they can mature into strong swimmers.

Clinical studies have identified several nutrients that can help raise sperm counts and improve sperm quality. Supplementing with folate, vitamin D3, and vitamin B12 have all been correlated with significant improvement to sperm quality. But here’s the catch: the quality of the nutrients used to supplement matters.  

Take This Men’s Prenatal (Not That!)

When we formulated Beli Vitality Men’s Prenatal, we made sure to include the only the highest-quality vegan ingredients in the forms that the human body can most readily absorb.

Most men’s multivitamins contain folic acid for their form of folate. We opted to include methylfolate instead after reviewing evidence that when consumed, methylfolate does not have to be converted into active folate. Our vitamin D3 and B12 ingredients are in the forms your body can use right away, too. Beli delivers nutrients that can help spark new sperm production immediately.

Male fertility is a cycle of continuous regeneration. New sperm are created every day, and each new cell goes through a three-month journey to prepare for conception. Each day is a fresh chance to fuel for fertility. Start now.